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Introduction: Nanotechnology in Saxony

Saxony's success in the last decade is thanks in large part to its development as a leading research and manufacturing location for microelectronics and nanotechnology.

The city of Dresden, for example, has in recent years developed into the most significant location for electronics in Europe. In addition to the large semi-conductor companies in and around Dresden, eg. Infineon, AMD and Wacker Siltronic (Freiberg), such facilities as the Advanced Mask Technology Center and the recently founded Fraunhofer Center for Nanoelectronic Technologies are working on cutting-edge research and development into future nanotechnological products. Saxony is also leading in other nanotechnological application fields such as the application of very thin nanoscaled layers and the use of nanoparticles in different branches of industry.

A major contributing factor here is the state's outstanding research infrastructure, which links numerous universities and several non-university research institutes.

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